ABC TEST - Tutorial in English

Let's see how to start ABC TEST

You can find the puzzle list with distributed points and instructions for all puzzles in the Instruction Booklet (2 618 kB, 13 pages). There are practice puzzles as well to be well-prepared for the competition.

If your brain and mind is ready, go to Soutěžní úlohy (= competition puzzles) in the left menu.

You can download the competition puzzles as a encrypetd-PDF file now. PDF file covers 12 pages with landscape orientation, 1st page contains only points table, the puzzles are spread from 2nd to 12th page. Password retrieval for the PDF file is the last step of our tutorial, just be patient. wink

Let's quick look at Odesílání řešení (=answering form) page to become a little familiar with process of answer submission. All puzzles have their name codes (1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C and so on) with associated answer boxes called as Odpověď 1-3 (= answer 1-3). Time is running in messy way now, don't worry, it will get in order after you start playing.


Go to Heslo ( =password) page. There are your personal details which will be displayed in the contest results page, you can change them in your profile. Check the box under if you want  to display your nick in the contest results page as well. Most important is the checkbox relating to the Rules. Please read the Rules carefully and check the box if you want to compete. The last step is hitting the Chci hrát soutěž ABC TEST (= I want to start the ABC TEST) button. By doing it, the page with password for PDF-decryption opens and your competition starts. 

Go back to Odesílání řešení (= answering form) page for submission your solutions. There is a countdown to ABC TEST end. Refresh the page (or press F5) to update timer, if it is needed.

Good luck, mate!

ABC TEST - rozcestník

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