ABC TEST - The Rules

Competition rules for ABC TEST

  • The competition is organised by the HALAS - Czech Puzzle Association (HALAS for short).
  • This is an online puzzle competition to be printed out and solved against the clock hosted by
  • All information needed for competition are presented on the HALAS website - as well as on
  • All pluzzle enthusiasts are more than welcome to participate.
  • To participate in the competition you will need to be registered on Before the retrievieng password for competition booklet, you will be asked to give your permission to include your name in the result tables and be required to agree with the competition rules. Disagreeing with it, you will face the fact you cannot compete at all.
  • Participation does not cost you a thing, excepting 2 hours of a puzzle enjoyment.
  • The competition is coordinated by three main organizers - Pavel Kadlečík, Petra Čičová and Karel Tesař, who guarantee a competition under fair conditions for everyone in a spirit of 'Soutěžní řád HALAS', i.e. general competition rules for the HALAS puzzle tournaments. Organizers will discuss any questions related to competition rules and puzzle instructions. They are supposed to deal with protests after the end of the competition. All matters related to the compettition should be sent to
  • The competition will start at 12:00 CET (GMT + 2), Thursday 24th June 2021, when the password for opening the competition booklet will be made available. Upon retrieving the password, you will have 120 minutes to solve the puzzles and submit your answers via the entry page. The competition will end at 12:00 CET (GMT + 2), Wednesday 30th June 2021.
  • There will be one competition booklet written mainly in Czech language, only instructions for answering and instructions for Puzzle 11A-C are available in English in. 
  • The cover page of the competition booklet will contain a list of puzzles and their points distribution. The points value of each puzzle is also written next to the puzzle. Puzzle instructions, puzzle examples together with point value for each of the competition puzzle are known via the instruction booklet prior to start of the competition.
  • Final competitor score is the total of all points accumulated, including time bonus. A correct answer will earn the number of points indicated next to the puzzle. If competitior submits all answers completely and correctly, he/she will receive a bonus of 3 points per minute saved.
  • Competition ranking will be based on each of the competitor's total points. 
  • If some puzzle in the competition boklet has more than one valid solution, full points will be awarded for any solution that satisfies the given set of rules. If some puzzle has no solution within the given set of rules, the puzzle will be excluded from the competition and no competitor will earn points for it.
  • After the end of the competition organizers will publish booklet with solutions of all comeptition puzzles, they will evaluate all submitted solutions and will publish results on and websites. Competitors will be allowed to check their submitted answers and their evaluation made by organizers. Competitors are allowed to make an objection if they find their answers evaluated incorrectly. The deadline for competitiors’ objections is up to 48 hours following the publication of competition results.
  • If the protesting player is not satisfied with the verdict of the organizers, he/she can file a protest to the Board of HALAS. The Board has to make a decision in 10 days and inform about it both the player and the organizer. If its decision affects tournament results, all players will be informed on the website of HALAS.
  • In case of unpredictable matters that would arise during the competition, competitior can e-mail his/her answers to organizers via before limit of 120 minutes is completed. 
  • Organizers, HALAS and all the others that have made this competition happened, please the competitors to play fairly. Help of any kind from other person is not permitted, the same as an assistance of computer or any other solving or calculating device. The organisers may disqualify player for acting contrary to the spirit of the competition if it finds that the player has committed serious misconduct. Respect the rules, respect the other competitors.

This rules for ABC TEST (i.e. English version of orginal ''Pravidla online logické soutěže ABC TEST') are based on 'Soutěžní řád HALAS' (i.e. general competition rules for the HALAS puzzle tournaments).


ABC TEST - rozcestník

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